SureCount Onscreen Digital Takeoff Software
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The green alternative to paper drawings and manual takeoff.

Working with blueprints and schematics can be a very time-consuming and costly part of doing business. Many contractors employ full-time staff to count components when planning jobs and providing estimates. This task can be handled much more efficiently using SureCountô Symbol Recognition Software for digital onscreen takeoff. SureCount provides the tools you need to meet the increasing demand for faster ways to complete takeoffs.

It’s Fast...It’s Easy...It’s Green!

Traditional takeoff from paper drawings is time consuming and expensive with all of the reproduction costs that go along with printing drawings from digital files.

Itís fast, itís easy and itís green! SureCount eliminates those expensive reproduction costs and slashes takeoff time by letting you count and measure right on screen, even automatically counting multiple symbol types all at once. No more rolled up paper drawings cluttering up your office!

SureCount will dramatically improve the way you estimate and increase your ability to takeoff more projects in less time.

Count Symbols Onscreen
Symbols can be counted manually or by using SureCount’s patented Autocount system. SureCount is the only solution that will automatically count not just one symbol type on the drawing but all the symbol types simultaneously, saving a significant amount of valuable time in the overall estimating process.

Measure Distances Onscreen
SureCountís measuring feature is equally as fast and easy, as is its ability to count drawing symbols. Measure branch and feeders or any line or distance onscreen by simply clicking on the starting point, and on each waypoint to the end of the run. Assign different colors to each wiring configuration for easy identification of each installation.

The Overlay feature will compare revised drawings with originals and highlights any modifications; items added or removed (fixtures, walls, text, etc.). Deleted items are highlighted in red and added items appear in green.

  • SureCountís Count Sheet Report lays out material symbols by Symbol Group with bitmap images, counts by drawings and totals for each symbol in the job
  • The programís Branch & Feeder Reports provide listings of Branch/Feeder length, descriptions, etc.
  • The Unit Pricing Report lists all symbols with the material pricing information from the Drawing Symbol dialog
  • The Schedule Report summarizes all counts on a job on one report

SureCountís dynamic link to ConEstís industry-leading IntelliBid Estimating Software results in faster electrical, low voltage and data cabling takeoffs. Once the onscreen takeoff is completed in SureCount, simply open the Count Sheets feature in IntelliBid to seamlessly import all of the material requirements where they can then be organized and set up for takeoff. The integration between SureCount and IntelliBid automatically populates the appropriate symbol tables in IntelliBid (e.g. fixtures, outlets, switches, etc.).

The speed of SureCount, combined with IntelliBid, offers estimators the latest technology tools for generating precise, cost-effective and labor-efficient job estimates. The interface between the programs seamlessly transfers material counts and measurements from SureCount to IntelliBid where the totals are then taken off instantly including all of the material and labor totals to complete the job.

The winning combination of SureCount and ConEst IntelliBid provides estimators with a competitive advantage and a potentially higher bid to win ratio. Executing project-related tasks better, faster and cheaper means higher profits and happier clients.

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