Does Your Software Vendor Have What It Takes?

When you are bidding on a big job, and running up against the clock, is your estimating software provider able to come to the rescue when you’re in a bind? Can they provide you with all the tools and training you need to run a successful business?

Your software provider should be passionate about providing high-quality training and responsive, rapid resolution to your questions. Expert technical support, training, and customer service teams dedicated to helping you take full advantage of your software investment is a crucial factor to consider when researching software solutions.

A few things to be thinking about when researching business software

Does the vendor have experienced tech-savvy support techs? Support representatives that are responsive and well-versed in the software and system requirements will help you keep things running smoothly. Watch out for software support centers that don’t have the capability to look beyond a script of FAQ’s or will send you off into the oblivion of hold music and call transfers trying to track down someone that has the real experience to help you with what you need right now. Or even worse, having to wait 24-48 hours to even talk to someone, anyone.

Can they advise you as to what training options will work best for you? Training is not one size fits all. The software provider’s training team should work in a consultative role with customers to determine the appropriate training option based on the user’s level of experience, the number of active users, and unique business needs.

Additionally, having several training options available creates a more customized learning experience.

  • Personalized Onsite training is a good option if you have a large team that needs to learn how to use the software. If you require in-depth training to customize the solution specific to the types of projects your company specializes in, onsite training is an option you will want to have available to you.
  • User group or classroom training. This is a great way to get individuals new to the software jump-started, whether it be a new hire, someone moving into a new position, or moving up through the ranks. Top to bottom training using real-world examples and peer to peer sharing is very inclusive and beneficial.
  • Online personalized training allows you access to live training with the ability to schedule at a convenient time for you.
  • Frequent webinars featuring topics based on response to customer feedback gathered by the provider’s support, training, and sales teams.

Your software provider’s mission should be to consistently exceed your training, support, and product performance expectations. Take steps to make sure you’re getting the knowledge you need to get up and running and keep moving forward.