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Webinar-IntelliBid Summary / Bid Recap Feature

This webinar introduces the Bid Recap screens using the Basic Template. IntelliBid’s Bid Recap feature calculates final adjustments to the estimated items, quotes, subcontracts and equipment and enters the values for labor, job costs, overhead, and profit.

June 22 & 23 IntelliBid Level 100: Basic Virtual Training

IntelliBid Basic Training - June 22 & 23, 10 am - 5 pm daily Only 3 seats remaining! Please email training@conest.com to register. 2 Day Class $925 Learn the fundamentals of using IntelliBid to produce a complete and comprehensive estimate. …
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Webinar-Job Specs: Assembly Groups / Takeoff Prompts

Learn the benefits of breaking a project down into various tasks by using the IntelliBid Phase Tree. Many built-in features IntelliBid has for performing basic takeoff and the flow of generating a bill of material and labor will be demonstrated.

Webinar-Importing Items from Excel Into IntelliBid

This webinar is designed for the user that has a basic knowledge of performing a takeoff using IntelliBid. The user will gain further insight into more of IntelliBid features used to make performing a takeoff easier and faster.