A new Drawings tab has been added to Phase Tree/Job Spec that allows the estimator to quickly enter drawings for the project and then associate them with Phases. This reduces the amount of time required for setting up a project.

The first step is to enter the drawing descriptions to the Drawing tab in the Phase Tree. Click into the first blank row and type the drawing identifications into the Description field.

Press Enter to move down to the next row and continue entering Drawing Descriptions. The Created field is the date of the Drawings. It automatically sets to the current date, but you can change all the dates to the same date at one time using the Set Creation Date button. You can edit the Descriptions directly. To remove a drawing, right-click on the row and select Delete from the context menu.

When you have the Drawings entered, you can assign Drawings to Phases. This works the same as the other Job Spec tabs.

  1. Deselect all Phases on the Phase Tree.
  2. Check the Phases that are represented on a drawing. In the example; 1st Floor Fixtures and Fire Alarm are included on one drawing.
  3. Check the box for the appropriate Drawing.
  4. Click the button Apply to Selected Phases. A message is displayed indicating the drawing was successfully applied to the Phase.

When you highlight the Phase, the drawing for that Phase is displayed above the Phase Tree.