In our recent tip titled Use Job Spec for Faster & More Consistent Estimates, we showed how to use JobSpec to optimize takeoff prompting for standard specifications seen in many commercial jobs.

In this tip, we’ll show you how to save even more time and create more consistent estimates by quickly adding your Assembly Group Options to JobSpec right from takeoff.

Figure 1 below, is an example of an Assembly Group window which you will typically see when taking off an assembly. Notice the Assembly Group numbers on the left. For example group # 175 has options asking for the type of faceplate. Group # 106 has options for the depth of the plaster ring.

Instead of having 4 assemblies using a 1/2″ plaster ring and each of the 4 types of faceplates, then another 4 assemblies using 5/8″ plaster rings and each of the 4 types of faceplates and so on… Assembly Groups provide a convenient way to pick one assembly during takeoff and then have options to modify that assembly for specific material for your project. Estimators will make fewer decisions and go faster by picking from a much smaller list of general assemblies which have options to quickly modify the assembly for the specifications for any project.

Figure 1 – Assembly Group Options ExampleIBv7-38-Assembly-Group-Example

When bidding commercial projects like schools, hospitals, multi-floor office complexes, typically specifications will be the same – not only throughout the project, but can be the same for other projects of similar occupancy type. Specifications such as having all EMT fittings to be set screw steel, or using 12/2 MC cable for fixture whips, or having a consistent 5/8″ plaster ring depth for all device boxes, stainless steel device plates, or to automatically include a ground wire in all device and branch circuit conduit assemblies. In situations like these, your takeoff answers will consistently be the same.

Take advantage of IntelliBid’s JobSpec by adding any of your Assembly Group selections directly to JobSpec, on the fly, during takeoff. You will be pre-answering your choices as you use them, and all other takeoffs for your project will have those Assembly Group Options already checked.

Adding to JobSpec Directly from Takeoff

When you are shown Assembly Group options during takeoff, notice at the bottom left of the window, you have the option to immediately add an individual Assembly Group Number to Job Spec for the current job. Figure 2 shows the Assembly Groups window for a commercial grade 20 amp duplex receptacle using EMT with multiple Assembly Group options.

Using this feature is very easy: When selecting each Assembly Group option, note the group number and then look at the bottom left corner of the window. You will see a button labeled “Add Group # xx to JobSpec“. By selecting this button you will automatically add that group to JobSpec and your selection will be pre checked for the duration of that project. Hit the button to add that option to JobSpec. For each Assembly Group option you choose you will have the opportunity to add that group # to JobSpec right from takeoff!

Figure 2 – Adding Assembly Group choices to JobSpec during TakeoffIBv7-38-Add-Assembly-Grp-from-takeoff

After adding these, if you go to Job Spec, you’ll see that your options have, in fact, been added under the Assembly Group Tab with your selected choices.

Now when taking off these assemblies again, their options will be pre-selected for you.
So all you need to do is take them off without having to stop to consider the selections.

In conclusion, this tip shows how to eliminate key strokes during takeoff which ultimately saves time and keystroke errors during takeoff.

In our upcoming tips in the series, we’ll show you more powerful methods that enable you to apply your choices to future jobs, how to work with Master Group Collections to set specifications across entire ranges of assemblies, how to create your own master groups, and even how to eliminate the need to see this Assembly Groups option screen altogether.




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