Different people work in different ways; it’s basic human nature. The same is true in how we use the software. For example, a Reminder message that pops up onscreen from time to time may be very helpful for some of us while being very annoying for others. Another example is sound – some of us want to hear sounds associated with various actions in a program while others prefer no sounds. Because of these little differences in the way people work, IntelliBid includes a Preferences menu that allows you to tweak the behavior of the program to your liking.

Two tabs in Preferences – one is labeled User Settings with the options available to each user to set to their preferences and the other is labeled Admin Settings that define how the software operates for consistent use by all estimators in your company. Changing the Admin Settings affects all users and should be restricted to those responsible for the company standards. (See the Tip “Administrative and User Access Rights”.)


User Settings
To set individual user Preferences in IntelliBid, click Maintenance on your Sidebar and then click Preferences. You will see up to 5 tabs depending on how your user access rights are set. The first tab, User Settings has the preferences you can set as an individual user.
The preferences with a checkmark are set to ON by default. For example, Show Screens in Tabbed View is checked (√) by default, which means multiple windows open at the same time are set in a tabbed view allowing you to move from Takeoff to Bid Recap, for example by clicking the appropriate tab. If you do not want the tabbed view to default, simply click the Show Screens in Tabbed View preference to remove the checkmark, which will turn off the preference and present the windows in Cascade View.

Note: This Tabbed View preference can be changed any time by setting the checkbox found at the top right of all IntelliBid screen.



A few examples of some of the User preferences:

  • Include Vendor and Labor Level on your Takeoff reports.
  • Default Summary Display determines how the job material list will be displayed in Summary; Expand lists each individual item from Takeoff and Average combines like items giving you quantity totals by item.
  • Open the Last Job on launching IntelliBid will open IntelliBid to the last job you were working on.

The Display items at the bottom of the screen allow you to specify the fields that appear in the Jobs, Takeoff and Summary screens. See Customize your Takeoff, Summary and Job Screens.

Administrative Settings
Click Maintenance on the Sidebar and then click Preferences. Select the Admin Settings tab.


There are more checkmark options on this tab along with additional list and entry field options. You can set the default Vendor and Labor Level that will be displayed (these can always be changed on-the-fly for individual jobs) and settings for Breakout defaults and how to handle archiving jobs. See Online Help for more explanations on these fields.

Any changes to the Preference settings will take effect the next time you launch IntelliBid.

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