In Tip of the Week #-8, we discussed how to assign User IDs and grant access to individuals within your company or organization that will be using IntelliBid. This tip will continue from where we left off in the User Access area. The next Tab after User Access is Access Levels. In this Tab you can define your own levels of access.

Note: Only users that log in as the Administrator or those the Administrator gives full rights to in the Maintenance -> User Access feature can modify this section.
The levels that are predefined are:

  1. No Access
  2. Power User – (full and complete access to all sections of IB v7 – Admin privileges)
  3. Standard User – (a scattering of access from None to Read Only to Full Access)

The Access Levels are located in the drop down list to the left. Each level displays the predefined selections in the grid on the right. You can create your own access levels to correspond with your business tasks. For example, you may want to give Administration Personnel the rights to enter new jobs and the capability to monitor email and look at it, but not edit Bid information. Try this:

  1. Click the New button – A New Access Level dialog box opens
  2. Enter a name for the new level (ie. Office Personnel)
  3. Look through the list and place a check in the proper access column for those features you want to grant access to.

For our example, you would check Full Access to the Jobs Section. We also gave full access to Companies section to allow the Office Personnel to enter the companies and contacts that would participate in the job. The users that are given this access can also view the Bid, Summary and Takeoff sections.
Access_LevelsClick the Save button when you have made your selections. Now whenever you add new office personnel, you can assign all the pertinent access rights to them simply by selecting the “Office Personnel” Access Level. You can also use this option to reconfigure the Access Levels of Standard User and Power User that are shipped with IntelliBid. Simply select the Access Level you want to modify, make the selections in the check boxes and click the Save the Access Level button.
The last tab (below) is User Locks and it is primarily used in a Networked (multi-user) environment. If you have IntelliBid configured for a Network, this tab gives you the ability to assign a job to multiple estimators and control concurrent access to the job without conflict (prevent 2 users working in and modifying the same phase of the estimate. As an example of how the User Locks tab functions. Let’s say that your organization is working on a bid for a large project and there are a few people that have been given access to work on this project concurrently. Unless you are sitting in the same room with the other people, you may not know what phase of IntelliBid they are working in. You may be performing some Takeoff on the second floor fixtures and another person could possibly be doing the same floor and fixture Takeoff also. That could lead to duplication of Takeoff and quite frankly, a mess. Can you imagine two or three people doing price updates in Summary at the same time?
User_LockNoAccessBoxThis is where the User Locks tab comes in handy. When a user attempts to access an area that is opened by another user, IntelliBid displays a pop-up box indicating that phase is opened and in use by another user and cannot be accessed at this time.



Should there be an immediate need for access to that open area or the user stepped out for lunch and unintentionally left the area opened, a person with Administration rights can access the User Locks tab and Unlock the area. Simply place a check in the box next to the area that needs to be opened and click the Unlock button so that others can now access that area.


Suggestion: Once the Administrative / Power User Access Codes have been entered, it would be wise to write down the Access Codes and keep them in a safe and secure place. Without the codes it might be difficult to reset the Access Levels.


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