Within your company or the organization that you work for, you know that teamwork is essential in getting any project or task accomplished. The assembly of a team, appointing a team leader or point person, delegation of work assignments and the coalescing of the team for the final objective of winning the bid and completing the project.

Well the same holds true for IntelliBid. When a new job is created, a team is assigned to put together and complete a bid proposal. The team is chosen in the Job Registration area :

  1. A Project Manager
  2. Estimator
  3. An In-house Engineer
  4. Job Users (button) are also chosen at the same timeJobUsers_Access

These are the people that will have access to and help complete the job. But do you want to give everybody access to all aspects of the job? You may want to assign a certain individual access only to the Phase Tree and Takeoff area and deny access to the
Bid Recap
area or the Item Database section. To allow access or not allow access can give you the ability to control what each user can modify or use within the job and IntelliBid v7. That access and privileges can be administered in the User Access section under the blue Maintenance button on the left navigation bar.

The top portion of the screen (image below) lists all the individuals that were entered for your company in the
Companies / Contacts
section. Assign User ID’s and Access Levels by:

  • Entering a User ID for the selected contact highlighted above
  • Entering a Password for this user
  • Retype the Password in the Confirm field box

With these 3 fields entered, the buttons below are now enabled.

  • Click Apply New Password
  • Cancel will remove the User entries for this contact
  • Send Login Information via email will send an email confirmation to the individual highlighted above IF:
    • you have set up your company’s email information in Maintenance -> E-mail Setup and
    • you have entered an email address for this contact in Companies / Contacts.
  • Check Give user access to all jobs if this user is be allowed to view and modify all jobs. The creator of a job has immediate access to that job and anyone specified in the Job Users button on the Jobs tab.
    Note: This check box overrides the Job Users button on the Jobs tab feature and allows this user to access any job.

Once the Login Information has been completed, you can now select the Application to which the settings will be applied to.
(For this tip of the week, we’ll work with IntelliBid in the Filter by Application drop-down menu.) Next, click on the Select AccessLevel drop-down menu and select which level will be assigned to this user:

  • No Access places checks in the None column
  • Power User places checks in the Full Access column (Administrator access)
  • Standard User is a splattering of checks between None, Read Only and Full Access columns (see image above)

Choose the Access Level that works best for the individual. If you find that a particular Access Level does not fit your requirements, please feel free to check and uncheck boxes within the three columns to suit your desired level of access.

Note: Only the “Admin User” or a user assigned as a “Power User” will be able to change and add to the user IDs, passwords and access rights. For that reason, be careful in assigning the Power User to individuals.

The remaining two tabs; Access Levels and User Locks will be covered in next week’s Tip of the Week. Be sure not to miss that one!

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