When you submit a bid proposal to one or more contractors, do you keep track of the contractor who won the bid and the contractor who lost the bid? Do you keep track of the contractors that you win bids with or even worse – lose bids with?
You may think, “well I only care for the contracts that I win and if I lose, I’ll try and do better next time.” This is a common response and you’re not alone.

What if I told you that you can easily keep track of the contractors that you bid to and also track your wins and losses with those contractors. By tracking your bidding contractors wins and losses and your own wins and losses, you can build historical data with those contractors. Then, before submitting a bid, you can review the win / loss history with those contractors and determine your course of action based upon that data.

One of the most overlooked areas in IntelliBid version 7 is the  tab. In the Bidding Contractors tab you can select the contractors that you will be bidding to and assess your wins / losses with those contractors. The Bidding Contractors tab is located in the Job Registration section.Bidding_Cont

The Bidding Contractors are automatically added to this tab when you select those contractors in the Contacts tab
(2 tabs prior). If a contractor is not listed in the Bidding Contractors tab, you may add the contractor using the ADD button located on the lower left corner or return to the Contacts tab and add them there.

Select the contractor(s) that you wish to submit a Bid Proposal to by placing a check in the box in the Bid column. The check means the a proposal will be prepared for this contractor when you submit the bid proposal in Bid Recap. If at a later time you do not want to submit a proposal to a contractor, you can uncheck the check box in the Bid column and that contractor will be excluded from the proposal process.

  • Class – is the Bid Class set for each company in the Maintenance -> Preferences -> General tab. This identifies the Customer Class percentage applied to the Bid Total when the proposal is submitted. (see Tip # 10)
  • BC Amount – is the Bidding Contractors amount submitted by this contractor.
  • BC Status – indicates whether the Bidding Contractor won the bid or not using the drop-down menu to select:
    Pending – Loss or Won.
  • Our Amount – is automatically updated when you submit the Bid Proposal. The bid totals are based on the Bid Class assigned to the company. In this example there is a company for bid class A & B.
  • Our Status – indicates whether our Bid Proposal has been selected for the contractor by using the drop-down menu to select: Pending – Loss or Won.
  • Mail and Fax – are the Contact’s information.

Once the bid has been awarded, manually update the Our Status and BC Status columns to the proper status of Won or Loss. It’s possible that you could have “won” the bid with more than one contractor, but only one bidding contractor will have actually won the bid. The Our Status and BC Status fields are used to identify the Bid Total amount when the job is added to JobTrac.

With your vigilance in keeping the Bidding Contractors tab up-to-date, you will have the capability of taking full advantage of future reports that are being developed for IntelliBid version 7 like:

  • Projects Lost
  • Projects Pending
  • Projects Won
  • Total Projects Bid
  • Total Projects Bid report will have a Won/Lost ratio

These reports will assist you in determining your win / loss ratio with a particular contractor. Based upon that information, you can make an intelligent choice whether to send a bid to that contractor and your chances of winning that bid.

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