You may have wondered from time to time as you are taking off Assemblies, how does the Assembly know how many
ty-wraps to give me or how did it know how many couplings and connectors that I need? Well, it’s all in the proprietary algorithmic formulas that are created and imbedded in the Assemblies to help you perform a quick and easy takeoff.

But did you know that Single Items have their own magic as well? Let’s Takeoff a single item and I’ll show you what I mean. In the Fixture Library (it could be any Library) click on the EMT Catalog. Let’s say we need 100 feet of 3/4 inch conduit for an install. Click on the EMT Header then click on the 3/4 inch EMT Single Item. A Quantity Calculator opens and asks for the ‘ Pipe Length ‘. With the mouse or the keyboard keypad enter 100 feet and click the button
Enter Prompt ‘. In the Audit Trail a line item is added for 100 feet of 3/4 inch EMT. Simple enough.


Once the EMT has been taken off, continue to leave the window displaying the EMT Headers open. Now let’s add some couplings to the EMT. Let’s choose the first one in the group ‘ EMT DI-CAST-SS COUPLING ‘. Select the 3/4 inch Couplingfrom the Single Items. What happened? The Quantity Calculator did not pop up and ask us how many couplings we wanted, it just added 10 couplings to the Audit Trail under the 100 feet of EMT. Interesting !


Once again, keep the EMT Header window open and this time select some wire to pull in the conduit. We can choose any wire but for this run but we’ll select the Header ‘ THHN/THWN CU WIRE ‘. Okay, from the Single Items list, let’s say we’ll pull#12 Stranded CU wire. This time the Quantity Calculator pops up and asks for ‘ WIRES (IN 1 PULL) (see image below). We’ll enter ‘ 3 ‘ for the number of wires that we will be pulling. Notice that the Quantity Calculator asked us how many wires we are pulling but it is not asking how many feet of wire we need or the ‘ Pipe Length ‘. That’s because IntelliBid has built-in algorithmic formulas even in Single Items. The reason that IntelliBid did not ask for the ‘ Pipe Length ‘ is because the formula that is built-in kept the 100 feet of pipe that we entered earlier and placed it into memory. This way, every time that a ‘ Pipe Length ‘ is needed to determine the amount of an item we are taking off, IntelliBid will reference the memory and if a value exists for the formula, will eliminate the question from the Quantity Calculator.
In this case the ‘ Pipe Length ‘.
Note: To see what is stored in memory click on the small ‘ M ‘ at the top center of the Quantity Calculator.

Now, if we look at the image below and specifically on line item #3, we’ll see that there is 330 feet of THHN. But didn’t we enter 3 wires in 1 pull in the Quantity Calculator ? Once again the IntelliBid Formulas came into play and added 10% more wire for make-up and waste for a total of 330 feet of THHN.


The Bottom Line: Knowing what you know now, use IntelliBid’s Formulas to your full advantage. When you Takeoff a single item, keep the Headers window open and get all the material that you will need for EMT, PVC, Wiremold or anything else. Keep in mind, that as long as the Headers window is open, IntelliBid’s Formulas will store valuable information into memory enabling you to save time and effort with the Takeoff process.
Note: Once you close the Headers box, anything that was in Memory will be wiped out.

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