Beginning a new job estimate is always exciting and can be filled with trepidation. If we take the estimating and bidding process one step at a time and make certain to cross the T’s and dot the I’s, we should be in great shape to win that bid.Let’s begin the process of Beginning a New Job.

To begin a New Job we’ll need to start in the Job Register section of IntelliBid v7. On the left navigation bar click on the blue Jobsbutton, then click the Job Register button. At the top left of the screen, click on the New Job button to begin a New Job. A New Jobs dialog box opens.AddJob_Dialog

1. Job ID – Auto-numbering is set by default. To turn off the Auto-Numbering or change the format, go to : Maintenance -> Preferences -> Numbering tab. If you would like to set a Prefix for the auto-numbered fields, you can enter up to 10 characters in the Prefix field box. IntelliBid v7 will add a 4 digit number to the Prefix. For example, if you enter a JOB ID Prefix of “JOB – 2468-“and a Start # of “258” , your JOB ID’s would be automatically numbered as follows:

JOB – 2468 – 258
JOB – 2468 – 259
JOB – 2468 – 260
and so on ……

If you desire to enter your own JOB ID numbers in the ADD JOB dialog box when starting a new job, be certain to uncheck the
box (see image above, Red square) With auto-numbering turned off, you will be able to enter new numbers with each new job.
NOTE: when adding a new job with Auto-Number turned on, the JOB number in the JOB ID box will show as <Autonumber>.
Once you click the OK button and the job is created, the actual JOB ID will appear in the Job Registration List.

2. Job Name – enter a descriptive name for the job

3. Bid Template – allows you to select a Bid Template at the beginning of a new job. Select a Bid template from the drop-down menu.

4. Bid Name – defaults to BASE BID. If you would like to change the default Bid Name, go to :
Maintenance -> Preferences -> Names tab. Change the default Bid Name to suit your needs.

5. Link Tax Rates – If you would like the bid to use the Tax Rates specified in the Job section, make sure the check box is checked. When a Bid is linked to the Job, changing the rates in Job Register will change the tax rates used in the bid and vice versa; any changes made to the tax rates in the bid will update the rates shown in Job Register.

Finally, the jobs listed in the read-only grid “Activated In:” are jobs activated in other ConEst applications; the green check mark indicates which ConEst products they are active in.

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