IntelliBid is delivered with a robust database of items and assemblies. These items and assemblies are organized into Libraries and Catalogs of related materials, ie, if you’re looking for Fixture material you search in the 01. FIXTURE library and it’s associated collection of Catalogs, if you are looking for plugs and switches you search in either 02. DEVICES FLUSH Library or 03. DEVICES SURFACE Library or for CAT6 cable and assemblies search in either V01. ISP ASSEMBLIES or V08. COPPER CABLE and so on throughout the IntelliBid system.

Often times users may want to organize the IntelliBid database differently to either accommodate their descriptions for the material in the database or when they are adding their own items and assemblies into the database and want to organize (create) Libraries and Catalogues unique to their business so it is easier to find ‘their’ items and assemblies.

This Tip will help you create new as well as maintain existing Libraries and Catalogs in IntelliBid.

To create a new library in IntelliBid, do the following:

Click Maintenance on the Navigation bar and select – Item Libraries

Note: The Library Filter will default to ALL. If you are adding material that you want to include in any one of the specific IntelliBid Libraries, press the dropdown button next to ALL and select the Filter you want (ie:ELECTRIC, DATA BID, RESIDENTIAL, LOW VOLTAGE, MED/HI-VOLTAGE).

Click the ‘Edit Libraries’ button located next to the Library dropdown
Click the + button on the right side of the window
This will prompt you to add a ‘New Library Name’

Figure 1 - New Library Name
Figure 1 – New Library Name


When you click OK, the New Library will be placed at the bottom of the list.


Figure 2 - Edit Libraries
Figure 2 – Edit Libraries


You can use the up/down arrow keys to move the new Library into the location in the list where you want it.

Figure 3 - Move Library into position
Figure 3 – Move Library into position


In the ‘Associate this library with:’ section, select all the Library filters that are appropriate to your new library
Example:   If your library would not be used for residential estimating, you might want to check all the boxes except for “Residential”.  If you’re not sure, just check the ‘All’ box.
If you want to create a new Library filter, click the ‘Edit Associations’ button and use one of the unused association names such as “Association 6”

NOTE: Associations in ConEst are tied to the Phase Tree Filters. This is how IntelliBid delivers the appropriate database of Library/Catalogs to the estimator during the estimating process. If you do a lot of commercial projects you typically use the ELECTRIC Filter (association) which has the Phase/Tree layout for that type of work and with that Phase Tree you have the default ELECTRIC association, likewise theRESIDENTIAL Filter brings the Residential Association and Residential Phase Tree.

Filters, Associations and Phase Tree layout will be covered in a future Tip.

Figure 4 - Library Associations
Figure 4 – Library Associations


Close the library maintenance window
Now you’ll want to create catalogs for your new library. Catalogs store the material and assemblies that pertain to each catalog within the Library. IntelliBid lets you create as many catalogs as desired within each Library. For example: if you are creating a Library for Security/CCTV systems, you can create catalogs for the different manufacturers of Security/CCTV material as well as catalogues of associated installation materials.

Figure 5- New Catalogs
Figure 5- New Catalogs


Click ‘Edit Catalog’ button located to the right of the catalog dropdown
The catalogs you create will contain the specific items and/or assemblies that pertain to the material you will use in your estimates. You can create as many catalogs as necessary in each Library you create to house the unique components.

To create your catalog click the + button to open the New Catalog dialog box.
You can assign the name now or leave it blank and return to name it at a later date.

Figure 6 - New Catalog name
Figure 6 – New Catalog name


Note: You can also add catalogs to an existing Library in IntelliBid. For instance if you wanted to add a fixture manufacturer to the 01 Fixtures Library you can create a New Catalog with their name and place it where you want by using the up/down arrows.

Figure 7 – Catalogs with title and blank


HINT:  If you want the Title to be BOLD and CENTERED, place 3 spaces at the start of the title.

Note: You will see The catalogs “Special Items” and “Temporary Assemblies Catalogs” are added to all Libraries and only visible during takeoff. You do not see, nor can you delete or edit either the Special Items or Temporary Assembly Catalogs in Item Library Maintenance.

Figure 8 - How the New Library Looks in Takeoff
Figure 8 – How the New Library Looks in Takeoff




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