IntelliBid is preloaded with a large number of assemblies (over 50,000 in the latest version) and the program organizes them for easy takeoff with just a few mouse clicks. This organization structure starts with Libraries, then Catalogs, and finally, Assembly Lists. See the diagram below (figure 1) for the hierarchy with some example items of each level.

This Tip shows you how to create a new Catalog and two new Assembly Lists within that catalog. We will finish with the first step of creating a new Assembly, ready for you to add items.

Figure 1 - Assembly list hierarchy diagram
Figure 1 – Assembly list hierarchy diagram


Let’s begin with answering why you might want to create your own Catalog or Assembly List. All Assemblies are found by the user during takeoff by first choosing a Catalog, then Assembly List. However, if you create your own Assemblies, you may not find an existing Assembly List or Catalog that clearly describes what you have made. The user will have a difficult time finding your Assemblies if they are placed in the wrong Catalog or Assembly List. The solution is to create your own Catalog, and then arrange one or more Assembly Lists underneath.

Creating a New Catalog
In this Tip, we will create a new Catalog and new Assembly Lists for some Assemblies dealing with open area and office area fixtures. Click on the Maintenance menu on the left side of the screen, and choose Item Libraries under that menu. Item Libraries is where we will create our new Catalog.

Next, verify the Library is 01. FIXTURES. The dropdown to choose this is at the top of the screen, next to the Edit Libraries button.

Figure 2 - Edit Libraries button
Figure 2 – Edit Libraries button


Now we will create the Catalog. Click the Edit Catalogs button. Enter “Open/Office Area ASMY” on a blank row under FIXTURE ASMY /NO BRANCH, leaving a spacer row in between. This will let the user visually distinguish the new Catalog.

Click Close, and now you will be editing your new Catalog in the main area of the screen.

Figure 3 - Edit your new catalog
Figure 3 – Edit your new catalog


Creating Assembly Lists
We will now begin to fill in the large blank area below the drop down, which is the contents of the Catalog we just created. To help organize the Catalog, we will enter several rows of labels in addition to two rows for new Assembly Lists. The graphic below shows the new Catalog after the rows are entered.

Figure 4 - Assembly List
Figure 4 – Assembly List


You will be entering five rows, each time starting by clicking the + Append Assembly List button.

  1. Click + Append Assembly List. Enter OPEN AREA and click Okay. This will be a Column Label, so now right-click on the new row OPEN AREA and choose Column Label.
  2. Click + Append Assembly List. Enter OPEN AREA FIXTURE ASSEMBLIES and click okay. Now you have created your first Assembly List.
  3. Click + Append Assembly List. Leave the name black for this row and click Okay. Right-click somewhere on the new blank row you created and choose Label. This makes a visual separator to help the user when viewing this Catalog.
  4. Click + Append Assembly List. Enter OFFICE AREA and click Okay. Right-click on the new row and choose Label.
  5. Click + Append Assembly List. Enter OFFICE AREA FIXTURE ASSEMBLIES and click okay. This is the second Assembly List.

You should now have two Assembly Lists, along with formatting rows for the user to better understand how they are categorized.

Creating Assemblies
To begin creating your assemblies, choose a row that contains an Assembly List. Then click the Assembly List tab, just above the rows you have been adding. You are now on the Assembly List tab, where you will build one or more assemblies.

Begin creating your Assemblies using the + Append Title button. Enter the name HIGH-BAY FIXTURE and click Okay. You now have a new Assembly, and can begin adding items to it from the lists on the right side of the screen.

Figure 5 - Create your new assembly
Figure 5 – Create your new assembly



For more information on creating Assemblies, look for tutorials in the Help section, or videos under the Home menu.





If you would like to see your new Catalog and Assembly Lists, switch to takeoff now and view the Fixtures Library and OPEN/OFFICE AREA ASMY Catalog to see the Assembly Lists.




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