ConEst IntelliBid comes complete with an Item Database approaching 100,000 items and 50,000 pre-built assemblies ready for you to use in creating your bid proposal. However, there may be a rare occasion when an item you wouldn’t typically use is not in the item database and you need to add it to the bid quickly.

Special Items is an IntelliBid feature that can insert an item quickly and easily into the Audit Trail of the Takeoff area. To create and add Special Items to the Audit Trail in Takeoff, click on the Special Items section on the Left Navigation bar, select a Header that describes the item and click the ” New Special ” icon on the Top Tool Bar. Fill in the Description, Size, Material Unit Price, etc … Continue adding any other Special Items as you need them by clicking on ” New Special ” icon.
Note: if the ” Prompt ” check box is checked, the Special Item will appear in the Incomplete Items dialog box that displays immediately when the Bid Recap section is chosen. Use the Incomplete Item list as a reminder to check certain items before completing the bid, such as item pricing. Unchecking the ” Prompt ” box will not show the items in the dialog box.


Once the Special Item has been added to the Special Items section, it can be Taken off and added to the Audit Trail in the Takeoff section by right clicking on the Special Item and selecting ” Takeoff ” from the drop-down menu. The Quantity Calculator will appear asking you the quantity of the Special Item. Enter a quantity and click the “ Enter Prompt ” button on the Quantity Calculator. The Special Item has now been added to the Audit Trail and included in the bid proposal.

Special Items that have been created are available throughout the current bid by clicking on the Special Items library located at the end of each Item Library section (see below).
Note: Special Items are accessible in the current bid. If you would like to add the Special Item as a permanent item in the IntelliBid database, that can be accomplished in the Maintenance -> Items section. Also, if there is only one Special Item created in a particular header, clicking on the header (e.g. Fixtures header below) will immediately display the Quantity Calculator for the quantity. Two or more Special Items in a header will display a selection pop-up window (e.g. Fixtures single items below).


With all that said, there is a new and faster way to enter Special Items to the Audit Trail in the Takeoff area. Try this, right click anywhere in the Audit Trail and select “ Insert Special ” from the drop-down menu. A small dialog box will open allowing you to add the Special Item information and insert it to the Audit Trail rapidly. This shortcut to adding Special Items functions in the same fashion as was mentioned above. You will also find the Special Item in the “ Special Items ” section and the Special Items Library for use throughout the bid.


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