IntelliBid’s Takeoff screen is where you will do most of your work preparing an estimate. The main area of the Takeoff screen is called the Audit Trail and will eventually contain a list of items that you will need for the job. The material for the job will be found in the lower half of the screen called the Library section. In the Library section you will find all the material you will need for the job in the form of Single Items and Assemblies. (see image A )

IntelliBid’s current database has over 125,000 single items and over 50,000 pre-built assemblies for you to use in your job estimate.

Locating and identifying Assemblies and Single Items sounds simple enough, and it really is. However, understanding the difference between Assemblies and Single Items at the beginning of your learning experience can make it much easier when taking off your material.

To begin with, Single Items are what they sound like; single items and are identified with a grey square in the Audit Trail. Assemblies are a grouping of single items that when selected, provide you with all the material and labor required to install a Fixture, Feeder, Devices, HVAC and more….. Assemblies are identified in the Audit Trail by a Red Square (Title) and Yellow Squares (components).


The ability to identify a Single Item or an Assembly in the Libraries is important to completing the Takeoff process quickly and accurately. It’s quite easy to be able to make the distinction between Single Items and Assemblies and it’s worth the few minutes it takes to read this Tip of the Week.

Many of the libraries that you will use will have some of the Assembly Catalogs identified with the four letters ASMY, which helps to identify that Catalog as having Assemblies within it.


However, a typical library like 02. Devices Flush has literally hundreds of Assemblies but none of the Catalogs are identified with an ASMY in the title. So how do we identify the Assemblies as opposed to a Single Item? Take a look at the image below.


Something as simple as being able to look at a small icon and identifying it as an Assembly or a Single Item, will speed you on your way to completing the Takeoff in much less time.

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