IntelliBid version 7.1 now includes the ability to import assemblies from one database to another. This tip will show you how easy it is to import any new or custom assemblies created in version 7.0. Each database can be converted to the same version for easy importing This process allows users to import all parts of the assemblies, including new components, formulas, prompt variables, and assembly groups that do not currently exist in the target database.

Now you have a best-of-both-worlds solution, retaining customizations, while taking advantage of the latest new assemblies offered from IntelliBid.

Here’s how it works.

For example, if you had a number of customized assemblies in an existing database, but wanted to take advantage of all the newer assemblies in the latest version of IntelliBid, you’d first go in and open the new database (this is your target database).

Then go to Maintenance in the sidebar, and select Item Libraries. Create a new Library, Catalog andAssembly List in your target database to receive the imported records. Then click the Import button located at the top toolbar and choose the Import SQL Assemblies option to select your Source Database to load your custom assembly lists.

Item Libraries Import Button


Select the SOURCE Library and Catalog, then hit the Load SQL Assemblies button.


This will show you a list of Assembly Lists from your Source catalog.
Select any number of Assembly Lists or individual Assemblies, and then press the Append button to perform the final import to your currently open database.


You’ll now have access to all your custom assemblies that have been imported to your database.


This powerful feature allows you to retain any custom assemblies you’ve created, as well as allowing you to have all the new assemblies that are bundled with each new release of IntelliBid.



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