With IntelliBid version you can now take theSpecial Items that you create for a job and import them into the IntelliBid database. This way you can have access to those Special Items at any time in the future.

This is how it’s done:

In the Maintenance section click on the Item Database area. Locate the Database and the Category we would like theSpecial Item to be inserted into. In this example it is Category -> Fire Alarm. Determine which header best suits theSpecial Item (i.e. Generic – Main FA Equipment). Open the header by clicking on the small PLUS sign to the left of the header. In the columns that are presented, select a location where the Special Item will be inserted into. Keep in mind that inserting an item into the Database means that the item will be placed above the line that is currently highlighted in the database column.
Note: In the example below, two Special Item Zone Cards will be inserted above line item # 320012 because that line is highlighted.Special_Item

Follow these steps:

1. Click on the Import feature on the top icon tool bar.
2. Select Import Special Items.
3. The current open job will be displayed in the drop-down menu located at the top of the dialog box. However, we can select other jobs from the menu to import Special Items from.
4. Open the desired Header that has the Special Items by clicking on the small PLUS sign.
5. Select the Special Item to import. If there are multiple Special Items to import, hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard while clicking on each Special Item to import.
6. Click the OK button.


The Special Items are now inserted above the line that was highlighted in the database column. You’ll notice that the database line item that was # 320012 moved down two spaces to make room for the two new items. It is now
listed as # 320014.

Repeat steps 1 – 6 to continue adding Special Items into the database.


All Special Items that are added to the database are now available at anytime for any job in the future. Special Itemsare now treated as any other item in the database. At this point we may now place additional information regarding the new item(s). Scroll the screen to the right and add the SubTotal, Labor Class, Price Code (UPC) Number, Catalog Number and so on. This way, when we perform a database price update with Net Pricer, Trade Service (Tra-Ser), or manually, these new items will be updated as well.

To add a new item to a job, we can use the Find feature or IntelliBid Explorer found in the Takeoff area, to locate that item in the database. By the way, these new Zone Card items that were added, can be placed into Catalogs, Single Item Headers and added to Assemblies to make it easier locating these new database items in the future.

To learn how many ways you can use your new special database items, check out ConEst’s on-line seminars and training options for dates and times.

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