IntelliBid User Tip: Cut, Copy, Paste (Multiple Windows/Multiple Jobs)

IntelliBid allows multiple takeoff windows to be open at the same time. This allows users to cut and paste items and assemblies between jobs and job phases. Copying material from one phase to another is particularly useful when creating alternates. Copying from one job to another allows the estimator to re-use assemblies or combinations of materials from previous similar jobs.

To open multiple takeoff windows within a job, From Takeoff on the left side of the window, click new takeoff and then select the phase you want to open.  The selected phase will open in a new window, allowing you to view multiple phases simultaneously by clicking at the top of the screen Window -> Tile or Cascade. To view more windows open at once repeat this step 1 or more times.

Once you have multiple phases displayed, you can copy material from one window to another by highlighting the item(s) you want to copy, left-clicking on the Title (blue line) and while holding down the mouse button, drag the mouse down to the last item in the assembly. Right click and select Copy. Switch to your other Phase window, right-click and select Paste Insert or Paste Append, depending on where in the Audit Trail you want the pasted material to appear.

Paste Insert pastes the material directly above whatever line you have highlighted.
Paste Append pastes the material at the end of the Audit Trail.

This is a quick and easy way to copy takeoff between phases – such as between two identical apartments on different floors of a building. As you paste your material, you may also adjust your takeoff settings for material, labor and multiplier factors. This is useful if, for example, the two phases are on different floors and you need to account for the difference in labor.

Copying material from job to job is essentially the same.  Simply open the job you want to copy from, and go to the appropriate Phase.  Do the same with the job you want to copy into, then either Tile or Cascade the windows so you can see them both.
Copying and pasting between jobs is no different than doing it between phases of the same job: right-click and Copy, then right-click and Paste (Insert or Append).

NOTE: You cannot Paste Insert items into the middle of an Assembly. IntelliBid will post a message informing you that this is not allowed, and will ask if you want to Paste Append the item instead. You can, however, Paste Insert between two Assemblies.

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