In addition to the methods discussed in Tip #5, IntelliBid has an even more advanced way of modifying labor hours. If you are using either the Standard or Short Bid Templates, you will find a tab in Bid Recap called “Labor Adjust.”  (This tab is not available in the Basic or Quick Templates.)

The Labor Adjust tab allows you to make percentage adjustments to your Labor Hours to account for job conditions. For example, you will find adjustments for poor design, addenda impact, hazardous locations, and so on. Entering a simple percentage adjustment in any of these cells updates your Labor Hours in the Bid.  In addition, the adjustment for weather conditions provides a specialized calculator designed to help you determine the impact of the weather on your job duration.

Another specialized adjustment on the Labor Adjust tab is Loss Labor. This feature provides a calculator that considers job duration and crew size, computes any necessary overtime hours, and also applies an adjustment to account for the loss of efficiency that results from working your crew extra hours. Simply double-click on one of the Loss Labor Calculator cells in the Labor Adjust tab, enter the required values, and the calculator will apply the Labor Hours adjustments to your Bid.

This tip is covered in the “Advanced Bid Recap Seminar.”

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