ConEst IntelliBid contains 10 columns for storing the prices for materials from different sources. While this may seem extravagant (particularly when compared to competitor’s software), the capability that it provides can be very useful. Two columns ship standard with IntelliBid: TRA-SER 3rd Column (based on manufacturer’s MSRP) and TRA-SER Target (which approximates real world pricing). The other eight columns allow you to enter your specific pricing from your suppliers. Methods for doing this were covered in Tip 5, including automatic on-line updating through NetPricer Service.


While having your actual up-to-the-minute costs from your suppliers though an on-line service like NetPricer is very beneficial, particularly when you are preparing a competitive bid or are ready to order, there are times when it might be best to use other columns. A good example of this is using the widely accepted TRA-SER third column pricing for quoting Change Orders. Many architects and government agencies accept this long time electrical industry standard for pricing in the Electrical industry. Another good example is for quick “ballpark estimates” or for Time and Materials jobs.

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