IntelliBid’s Assembly Item Grouping offers you a choice when you take off Assemblies. This feature saves a great deal of time because you can create a single Assembly with the potential to offer many different versions of itself at takeoff time.

For example, a “2G Flush Receptacle with Branch EMT Conduit” assembly offers a choice of four plates, eight different plaster ring sizes, an assortment of connectors and couplings, and the option to include a ground wire.  When you take this assembly off, you are given the opportunity to select the appropriate hardware from each of these groups.  This makes the Takeoff process faster, because you didn’t have to look through several versions of that Assembly to find the right one.


Assembly Item Grouping also saves time when creating Assemblies by greatly reducing the number of assemblies you need to create.  Without Item Grouping, the Receptacle example above would require 2048 different assemblies to cover all the different combinations of hardware. Item Grouping collapses all those options down into one easy-to-use Assembly, making the Assembly creation process a snap.

In next week’s Tip, we’ll show you how to streamline this assembly process by preselecting these groups before Take Off.

This tip is covered in the Creating and Modifying Assemblies – Part 2 webinar.

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