IntelliBid’sLast week’s Tip of the Week explained Assembly Groups and how they appear during takeoff.  To make takeoff even easier and faster, you can use Assembly Group in the Job Spec section.  With this feature you pre-select the items that will be
used when the assembly is taken off during a job.

For example, a job may specify DI-CAST Stainless Steel Couplings and Connectors for specific phases or for the entire job.  Before you begin the takeoff, go to Job Spec Assembly Group.  Select the assemblies you will be using and mark the specific items you want IntelliBid to take off.  You can make the choices apply to one or several phases only or the choices can be applied to the whole job. These choices can also be set as the default for all new jobs.  If the type of work you do means you use the same items most of the time, this default setting will save you even more time.  When the assembly group is taken off, IntelliBid will use the items you have selected.


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