IntelliBid keeps a record of any items you delete from the Audit Trail.  It also keeps information on the estimator, the phase, and date and time the item was deleted.  To delete items in Takeoff, highlight an item or group of items, right-click and select ‘Delete’ from the pop up menu.  To view all deleted items in a job phase, click the Show Deleted Items icon  on the toolbar.


The Deleted Takeoff Records dialog lists the Description, Size and Quantity, when the item was deleted and who deleted it.
You can look at just the items you deleted or all items deleted from this phase.

Delete – Undelete


By keeping track of deleted items, it is simple to replace or ‘undelete’ items.  While in the Deleted Takeoff Items view highlight the item(s) you want to undelete and click on the ‘Undelete Selected Items’ icon on the toolbar

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