Here is a time-saving feature that also makes your takeoff more efficient. When you look at job drawings or specifications, you may notice certain things are the same throughout the job: for instance, the same ceiling height throughout, fixtures all mounted at the same height, the job is done on the same floor (floors above grade), or you may want to preset the average distance between fixtures, boxes and devices. In addition, your company may have standards on certain measurements, such as additional feet per wire on an installation for make-up and terminations. These are all variables that IntelliBid uses to calculate “how much” of an item is needed for the estimate. Usually you enter the answers to these questions in the Quantity Dialog screen (calculator) for each item or assembly.


In the Takeoff Prompts feature of the JobSpec you can preset the values IntelliBid uses for calculating quantities. So, for example, if you set the AVG FT BETWEEN BOXES variable to 12′ in Takeoff Prompts, you will not see the prompt for average distance between the boxes when you take off an item that needs to know that distance. Instead, IntelliBid will use 12′ in all item calculations that need to know the average distance between boxes. Takeoff Prompt values can be preset for all new jobs, so you can enter standards that you use and each job created will already have the proper preset values.  The preset values can always be changed, added to or removed for an individual job.

This tip is covered in the Advanced Takeoff Seminar.

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