Most well-designed Windows programs allow you to use your right mouse button to display what is called a “context menu”.  IntelliBid is no exception. This menu allows you to perform any number of common tasks, from adding Quotes, to locating Summary items in the Takeoff screen, to building Assemblies, and much more.  Whenever you’re in any screen in IntelliBid (or most other Window’s programs for that matter) and you don’t know how to accomplish a task, try right-clicking.  More often than not, the context menu will provide you the means to do what you’re trying to do.
When in doubt, right-click.


For example, let’s say you’re looking at your Summary screen, and you’ve got a few hundred 1/2″ steel EMT couplings throughout the job.  Just below that you notice a handful of die-cast couplings… those shouldn’t be there, the whole job was supposed to be steel.  Someone took off the wrong coupling, and it’s going to need to be replaced in the Takeoff.  You’ve got 70+ phases in this job, you don’t want to comb through each and every phase to find that coupling.  So what do you do?

When in doubt, right-click.

Right-clicking on the coupling in Summary brings up the “Takeoff Find and Exact Match Find” options. These options take you directly to Takeoff and locates the item for you. Now you can Right Click and Replace the item and move on.
(Please refer to Tip #9 for further explanation)


There are countless examples of context menus throughout the program.  Try right-clicking in some of the screens you use most often… you’ll probably find features you didn’t even know existed.

This tip is covered in the Advanced Takeoff Seminars.

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