IntelliBid provides a number of utilities on the Windows Start Menu (Start > All Programs > ConEst IntelliBid > Utilities) that you may find useful. This tip will describe the Data Cleanup Utility and what it can do for you.

The Data Cleanup Utility serves two basic purposes.  Its first purpose is to identify and cleanup “stray files.”  These temporary files are usually deleted by the system, but can be left behind in some circumstances.

Apart from taking up space, these files are usually harmless.  But in some situations they can interfere with database conversion or compaction.  If you’re having difficulty converting or compacting a database, or if your system has experienced an abnormal shutdown recently, launch the Data Cleanup Utility and click “Cleanup Stray Files.”  This will eliminate all such files and should allow you to proceed with your database maintenance.
(Note: By default, the Data Cleanup Utility will send deleted files to your Recycle Bin, but you have the option of deleting them permanently as well.)

The utility’s second function is the maintenance of backups.  You can view all available backups, plus information on when and why they were created. The utility allows you to create a backup of all ConEst data with a single click, encompassing not only IntelliBid’s data but that of the PowerSuite programs as well.

You can also delete older backups that are no longer of use, or restore a backup if the need arises.  If you are running low on
drive space, or your data folder is too large to store on a singe CD-R, cleaning up old backups will usually free up a considerable amount of space.
(Note: The Data Cleanup Utility only displays backups that were created by the software.  Automated tape backups of a server drive, for example, are not maintained by this utility.)

For more information, click the Help button in the Data Cleanup Utility.

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