IntelliBid provides a number of utilities on the Windows Start Menu (Start > All Programs > ConEst IntelliBid > Utilities) that you may find useful. This week’s tip will describe the Data Cleanup Utility and what it can do for you.

Do you have a project with drawings that detail ‘typical units’? For example, the drawings for a condo complex with 70 units show detail specifications for one unit and states this is typical for all 70 units. This type of project could also apply to a hotel with similar rooms, school classrooms or an apartment building.  How would you handle this type of project in IntelliBid?

This is the perfect job for the Multiplier and there are different ways you can use the Multiplier to do this.  The recommended method is to use the Phase Import function, setting the multiplier to add the additional units. Take off the items for the single typical unit as usual.  You can use the same job, but may find it easier to create a new job, which we will assume for the rest of this example.  Go to the Phase Tree and click on the Import Phase button.  From the top of the Phase Copy dialog, select the job that has the typical unit takeoff.  Then click on a phase with takeoff and holding the mouse button down, drag and drop the folder to the corresponding folder in the new job’s Phase Tree.  IntelliBid displays the Takeoff Settings dialog.  Click in the Multiplier, enter 70 and click OK. IntelliBid multiplies the quantities in the imported phase by 70 or the number of units.  Repeat the drag and drop for each phase with items for the typical unit using the Multiplier to calculate the total units.

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