In Item Maintenance you can make adjustments to the item values in the database; change labor factors, material discounts, cost codes, labor class, etc. Some of this editing is made easier to accomplish by using IntelliBid’s Select/Fill feature. Select/Fill updates all the items under one header at the same time.


In Item Maintenance there are entries for Headers and Items. These are identified by an H or I in the Type column. Click on the Description for the first item listed, the Header for GRC. Then click the right mouse button and click on ‘Select/Fill Description’ in the popup menu.

In the Select Fill dialog, replace the Description ‘GRC’ with ‘RIGID CONDUIT’ and click OK. The Description for all items up to the next Header is changed to RIGID CONDUIT. Another example: Select an unused Vendor, such as Vendor 10 from the Vendor list at the top of the screen. Right click on the RIGID CONDUIT Header Row and click on Select Fill and then click on Vendor Discount. In the dialog box, change the Discount to .20 for a 20% discount on these items. When you click OK, the discount for all items for this header is changed to .2000.

Select/Fill can be used on Description, Vendor Discount, Subtotal, Labor Class, Unit Measure, Unit Weight, Material Cost Code, Labor Cost Code, Manufacturer Name, PS Div, and you can also apply Bitmaps with Select/Fill.


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