The IntelliBid Master Database is at the core of the program. All of your items, assemblies, material prices, labor units, etc. are part of the database. Due to the way computer databases work, your database will grow larger and more fragmented over a period of time, even if you’re not making changes to the database itself or even if you’re only bidding jobs. The more it grows the slower the program runs. The slowdown is gradual which means you probably will not even notice this happening, and when left uncorrected over a period of time, you may experience some unusual errors and even some very obvious data corruption.

The solution is simple – Compact the Master Database. This feature should be run regularly, probably once a month for normal users (contractors with a single estimator), more often if you have multiple estimators working in the same database. You should also run this feature whenever you make any changes to a database.

A new feature in IntelliBid V6 will automatically compact your database files based on a number of elapsed days (default 30 days) and on database size. When you close IntelliBid, a message will remind you that it is time to compact your files and automatically run the compact utility if you select to do so. This is an easy way to ensure your files are in top working order. Select Preferences > Compact Option from the Menu bar to modify the number of days or disable the function entirely.

If you are using an earlier version of IntelliBid, use the following manual procedure: Make sure everyone is out of the program. Start the ConEst Administrator, and click on ‘Database Administrator’, then on ‘Compact Master’. When the next screen opens, select the ConEst IntelliBid Master Database. The program will perform this function and notify you when it’s done, usually within a

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