IntelliBid Explorer is a powerful search tool that you can use to find items in the IntelliBid database.  Explorer is available in the Maintenance Section under Item Library Maintenance, and Substitution Maintenance to help you quickly find an item or group of items to assist you in modifying the database. Click on the “IntelliBid Explorer” button in any of those areas of the program to use this feature.

Item Library Maintenance:


Substitution Maintenance:


The “IntelliBid Explorer” button can also be found in the Takeoff screen to assist you in locating items in the database for your Takeoff requirements.


Intellibid Explorer displays the database in a 3-windows tree structure by Category, Header and Items. Categories are listed as they appear in the database in the leftmost window. When you click on a Category, the Headers included in that Category are listed in the middle window. Click on the Header labels to see the Items for each Header listed in the rightmost window. Each List (Category, Header and Item) can be sorted alphabetically by clicking on the column header for that window. To put the list back in the original order, click on the column header again. When you find the Item, Header or Category you want, either double-click or highlight it with a single click and then click the “OK” button. IntelliBid Explorer automatically takes you to the area of the database you that requested or to the Quantity Calculator in the Takeoff screen.
This tip is covered in the Item Maintenance Seminar.

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