An important part of the estimating process is getting timely, accurate pricing for the material items you need to bid a job. With some estimating packages, that means faxing a list to your distributor, waiting for their response, and then entering those prices into your software. Most estimating programs will also link with outside pricing services that keep the Trade 3rd Column prices in your program updated, but you still have to maintain vendor columns in your program that reflect your vendor discounts. And then there’s the option of chasing after your supplier, begging them to give you your prices on disk, and then importing those prices into your program’s database where some, but not all, of the material items will be updated with your vendor prices.

IntelliBid eliminates all this frustration, waiting, guessing and factoring with a seamless connection to NetPricer Service. After you set up your account with NetPricer for each distributor that you want to receive pricing from, you are ready to instantly update your material prices over the Internet.

At any time during takeoff, select the vendor you want to use, and then click on the NetPricer button from the Summary screen. Within seconds the materials in your IntelliBid database are updated with your current, negotiated prices right from your supplier including your specific vendor discounts via an Internet connection.

NetPricer also addresses one of the biggest drawbacks to importing prices from a file –  being that manufacturers in your database often times won’t match those of your supply house. Unfortunately, those items won’t get updated with a file import. This is where NetPricer really comes in handy. NetPricer has built-in cross-reference tables that will automatically update the UPC number and will suggest product substitutions for those items. These items are recorded, and a Results Report is generated for you to review.

Contact your local supplier and urge them to join NetPricer so that you can enjoy instant, online pricing of all your bids! To sign up for NetPricer Service, or to learn more about the process and how to subscribe to the service, visit the NetPricer website at, call NetPricer at 1-800-503-3333, email or call your ConEst representative at 1-800-662-7687.


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