IntelliBid supports separate pricing, price codes, manufacturer and catalog numbers for up to eight custom vendors/suppliers of your choice. IntelliBid also provides two pre-built vendors containing Trade Service’s 3rd Column and Target pricing. When you select a vendor in the dropdown list from the Item Maintenance and Takeoff screens, the appropriate vendor pricing is applied to your material.

Adding Vendors

It is easy to add your own vendors to the dropdown list in the ‘Item Maintenance’ section:

  1. Click on Maintenance and select Items. Click the Vendor button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Double-click any of the unused Vendors and rename them using your vendor(s) name.
    (NOTE: If you are using NetPricer, you will add the Customer ID and the NetPricer Password that was provided to you. Otherwise, only the Vendor Name is necessary.)


Next, is adding the pricing for the vendor. If you are using NetPricer, your items will be priced when you update your Takeoff via the NetPricer link or you can update your material prices in IntelliBid using Tra-Ser/3rd Col or Target pricing. IntelliBid can also import pricing data files from your own vendors via a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet file. Since the format of these files can vary, IntelliBid provides a mapping utility to help you convert the file to an import-ready format. See the IntelliBid Help topic, “Import Vendor Price Lists” located in the ‘Contents’ section for complete instructions. IntelliBid also lets you update your vendor prices from Summary by clicking on the Update Vendor Pricing icon.

Vendor Maintenance also provides a function to copy pricing and discounts from one vendor to another. Choose a vendor from the list at the top of the screen – this will be the vendor you are copying the pricing into. Then use the section below to select the Vendor you want to copy. You can choose to copy based on the Vendor Discounts or the Vendor Prices column from the data base and apply either a multiplier or a discount percentage.

This procedure is covered in greater detail in the Help topic, “Vendor Maintenance” located in the ‘Contents’ section of the IntelliBid Help files.

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