IntelliBid User Tip: Setting Your Preferences in IntelliBid

Different people work in different ways; it’s basic human nature. The same is true in how we use software. For example, a Reminder message that pops up onscreen from time to time may be very helpful for some of us while being very annoying for others. Another example is sound – some of us want to hear sounds associated with various actions in a program while others prefer no sounds. Because of these little differences in the way people work, IntelliBid includes a Preferences menu that allows you to tweak the behavior of the program to your liking.

To set your Preferences in IntelliBid, click Maintenance on your Sidebar and then click Preferences.   You will have 4 tabs that you can set.  In the General tab, the preferences with a checkmark are set to ON by default. For example, Link Tax Rates with Job Register is checked (√) by default, because most users will want the tax rate to default so they do not have to set it for each job.  If you do not want the tax to default, simply click the Link Tax Rates with Job Register preference to remove the checkmark, which will turn off the preference.


Here are just a few examples of some of the preferences you can set in IntelliBid:

  1. Include (or exclude) Vendor and Labor Level on your Takeoff reports.
  2. This feature allows you not to be concerned whether your text is upper case or lower case while you type. When you’ve finished typing in any input box in IntelliBid, click the Enter key and all your text will automatically be set to upper case if enabled.
  3. Open the program to the last job you were working on. Helpful when you want to immediately continue working on the last active estimate.

These are only a few of the Preferences available in IntelliBid. For more details on all the Preferences, use IntelliBid’s Online Help and lookup Preferences in the Index or go to the topic Setting Preferences under General Information and Setup in the Table of Contents.

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