When installed in a networked, multi-user environment, IntelliBid provides multiple levels of security based on individual User IDs and passwords. Some IntelliBid users simply have all their estimators log in with the default User ID and password (admin/admin); this is not recommended, as it defeats the purpose of the security features. Unless IntelliBid can identify each individual user by his unique ID, it will be unable to apply the appropriate restrictions to those users.

One goal IntelliBid security accomplishes is that of keeping multiple users out of each other’s way. When you have two or more users working in a job, it would be very easy for them to make conflicting changes. For this reason, IntelliBid will not allow multiple users in the same Job Phase, or in certain screens like Summary and Bid Recap. Only one user at a time will be allowed in those screens. The same applies to Maintenance screens such as Item Maintenance and Bid Template Maintenance. However, if IntelliBid cannot identify the users by their User IDs, it may be unable to prevent “collisions” within the software.


Access the ConEst IntelliBid Administrator located on your Desktop. Click on the User Maintenance button and type the Current Password. Note: the default Password is: conest32

As the system administrator, you can grant or deny access to various IntelliBid features as you see fit. Start by creating your user accounts in the ConEst Administrator’s User Maintenance section. Set up unique User IDs and passwords for each user.


You then have the option of restricting each user’s access if appropriate. For example, you may want “Bob” to work on takeoff, but you don’t want him modifying the Bid Recap. Or you may want “Nick” to be solely in charge of the database – adding new Items or Assemblies, updating pricing, etc. – and all other users will be locked out of those areas. You can limit access to the master Phase Tree or Bid Templates, or you can prohibit all but the administrator from deleting jobs. Access is granted with a ‘W’ for Write Access or ‘N’ for No Access.
These are only a few of the system features that allow user-level security. But they will only be protected if IntelliBid can identify the users by their unique User ID.

IntelliBid enforces security at the job level as well. A user can be granted access to all jobs, or can be restricted to only those jobs they have created or have been given access to. This not only gives the user a shorter list of job names to look through when trying to find their current job, but it prevents them from making changes to jobs they shouldn’t be working in.

If you are running IntelliBid in a multi-user environment, we strongly encourage you to assign each user a unique User ID and password. It will keep your data safer, and prevent mishaps that could easily have been avoided.

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