The purpose of the IntelliBid’s Summary screen is, as the name suggests, to summarize your Takeoff information. If you want to know how much ¾” EMT you’ve taken off on the entire job, you don’t have to go through every job phase and add it all up – simply open Summary and see it all totaled up on one line.

On occasion, you’ll see your ¾” EMT broken up into two or more lines. At first glance, this might appear to defeat the purpose of Summary, but it actually serves a very important function. This is because we are viewing the list in ‘Expanded’ mode.(see side note below *) An item appears on multiple lines in ‘Expanded’ Summary when its Labor Units have been factored differently throughout the job. For example, your ¾” EMT might have a Labor Factor of 1.00 in one phase and 0.93 in another. In this scenario, the ¾” EMT would appear on two lines in Summary showing the two different Labor Factors.


What purpose does this serve? Consider a job that involves an office building attached to a warehouse. Suppose you have fifteen runs of ¾” EMT in the warehouse, all of which are twenty feet above the floor – they’re going to be taken off with a Labor Factor that reflects that mounting height. In the office area you have another fifteen runs of ¾” EMT that are nine feet above the floor – these will have a lower Labor Factor, owing to the lower mounting height. Because of the different factors, ¾” EMT will appear on two lines in Summary.

* As a side note, it is possible to view the Summary with these separate lines collapsed into one. Select the ‘Average’ option in the upper right of your screen, and Summary will show each item on one line with the factors showing the ‘Weighted’ average where necessary. Select ‘Expand’ to restore Summary to its normal view. Also, please be aware that, to update material pricing in Summary you need to be in Expand mode.

The default mode for Summary is ‘Expanded’.

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