IntelliBid User Tip: Creating Alternate Bids in Intellibid

Contractors often have jobs that require a base bid with one or more alternates. You can accomplish all of this in one IntelliBid job by using your Phase Tree and multiple Bids.

Let’s assume this job asks for a Base Bid and three alternates. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your Phase Tree and create Subphases under each Phase. (Note: don’t forget to use the
    ‘Smart Fill’ feature to help populate the phase tree with the phases you create.)
  2. Name them Base Bid, Alternate 1, Alternate 2 and Alternate 3.
  3. Do your takeoff as you normally would, but take off the Base Bid material into the Base Bid Phases, and the Alternate material into each of the Alternate Phases.


When you enter into Bid Recap, the first thing you’ll see is the ‘Default Bid’. By design, the Default Bid always contains all Phases in the job, so you’re not going to use this bid because of the three alternates you’ve created. Instead, create a new bid and call it ‘Base Bid’. After creating the Base Bid, deselect all the Alternate Phases using the Select/Deselect buttons to the right, then select only those Subphases named Base Bid. Continue with the bid process by selecting the tabs such as Quotes, Direct Labor, DJC and Final Price and entering the appropriate data as necessary including, quoted materials for the bid. Verify the correct values in the bid template for  Direct Labor, Indirect Labor, DJC and Final Price for the BASE BID.

When you’re finished with the Base Bid, create another bid called Alternate 1. Repeat the process, except this time include only the folders named Alternate 1. Continue with the bid process by selecting the tabs such as Quotes, Direct Labor, DJC and Final Price. Repeat the process for the remaining alternates 2 and 3.

You now have separate bid prices for the base bid and each alternate; all from one takeoff.

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