ItemVue is a feature of IntelliBid that displays an image for easy reference along with detailed information about a single item. ItemVue is included with the Pro and Plus versions of IntelliBid; it is not part of the Lite package, but can be purchased as an add-on module. IntelliBid ships with a file of bitmaps that are associated with items in the database. Not all items have bitmaps but you can supply your own graphics for items you add to the Item database in Item Maintenance. (see Help files for further information)

ItemVue is available from the Audit Trail, the Takeoff Find Results dialog, Item Library Maintenance including Assembly Mode, Item Maintenance, from the AssemblyVue screen and from Count Sheets Takeoff List.
For example, to access ItemVue in the Audit Trail, right-click the item in the grid and select View Item. A window appears with all the information regarding that item.

As you can see in the example below, there is a General Information section that shows you the Cost Codes, Manufacturer, UPC Codes, Catalog Numbers, etc…
With multiple vendors set up in the Vendor section, you can view the different vendor prices as well as their 3rd Column Pricing. Very helpful if you like to shop around for the best price.



The bottom of the ItemVue screen shows a section of Takeoff and User information. The Prompt box lists the formula queries and the values entered at takeoff. On the right you see the user who originally took off the item and when that was done and the Last User who made any changes to the item and when the edits were made.

As a final note, Item View can also be used in Item Maintenance to add all the important information when adding your items to the database. Simply double-click in each box and enter the information for that box. It makes entering data for the item much less tedious.

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