IntelliBid’s Bid Recap screen collects all of your Takeoff information and applies a series of calculations to it in order to come up with a bid total. These calculations include applying labor rates, adding direct job costs and indirect labor, figuring in overhead, profit, taxes, and so forth. These calculations, and the overall layout of the Bid Recap screen, are stored in your Bid Templates. When you create a new bid in Bid Recap, the Bid Template of your choice can be selected cted from a drop down list on the right side of the screen.

IntelliBid ships with ten different Bid Templates, each with its own features and benefits. Templates typically vary in three general areas: labor, overhead, and profit. Each Template handles these areas differently in order to accommodate a range of estimating styles. A common question is, “Which of these Templates should I be using?” Here is a quick overview of the ten Templates that should give you some guidance on selecting the Template that suits your needs:

(Note: we have also custom designed templates for those of you who have Voice & Data requirements. Those templates** are indicated by a -DATA in the template name.)

Basic (Expanded Overhead & Profit)  ** – The Basic Template is a minor modification of the Basic & Change Order version. The only difference is that rather than applying one rate to mark up the entire job, you can mark up sections of the job with different rates. For example, you can apply a different rate to Material than you do to Subcontracts.

Basic & Change Order- ** – The Basic & Change Order Template is a much simpler version, and is well-suited to small-to-medium sized contractors. Like the Short version, the Basic & Change Order Template uses the first three labor classes only, but it combines them into one lump sum for easier calculation, with three available labor rates. It does not have sections for specific labor hour adjustments or labor escalation. Overhead and profit are applied as a markup, with one single rate marking up the entire job.

Change Order Adjust – The Change Order Adjust Template is the same as the Basic and Change Order template, except the Change Order Adjust allows for credits (negative values) in the takeoff that do not affect profit, overhead and tax calculations. IntelliBid takes any credit values in the Takeoff and applies them to the Final Price tab as adjustments. You cannot edit these fields in Bid Recap. The “green” fields are not included in the Profit, Overhead and Taxes calculations. At the bottom of the Final Price tab, after all other calculations have been completed, the credit values are put back into the Bid.


(Note: The features of the CHANGE ORDER ADJUST template will only work in Change Orders created via the Change Order button in the Job Register screen. This requires the Change Order module, included with IntelliBid Pro and Design Build, or available as an add-on module for Lite and Plus. The template will not have any effect on normal jobs.)

Quick – This is the simplest Template, a stripped-down version of the Basic & Change Order. It is best suited to situations where you need a quick-and-dirty bottom line without a lot of fuss.

Short Markup  – The Short Markup Template is identical to the Short version, except that it calculates overhead and profit as a markup, rather than a margin.

Short  – The Short Template is a minor modification of the Standard Template. It serves the same types of companies that would use the Standard Template, but who do not need all ten labor classes (the Short Template uses only the first three classes, which are by far the most common).

Standard  – The Standard Template offers the widest range of options, and the most in-depth control over calculations. It is best suited to larger companies and union contractors. Small-to-medium sized contractors may want to consider a simpler Template. The Standard Template allows for ten different labor classes, with five labor rates per class. A broad range of labor hour adjustments are available, as well as a section for labor escalation. Overhead and profit are calculated using the margin method (see tip #39 for information on margin vs. markup).

We have provided you with an instructional video that answers this question in far greater detail – to view the video, go to your Help menu, select Instructional Videos, then Bid Recap Videos, then Choosing a Bid Template.

This tip is covered in the Bid Templates Seminar.

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