In a related Tip, we discussed setting the Labor Factor in the Job Settings screen so that it becomes the default setting for all phases in your current job, as well as for all new jobs. In this Tip we will discuss how Job Spec can be used to preset the other settings in the Job Settings screen.

Item Settings

While in Takeoff, click the Phase Tree / Job Spec button on the Side Bar of your IntelliBid screen.  On the right side of the screen, click the Settings tab.  This is where we can set the Size, Material Factor, Labor Factor and Multiplier. These settings tend to apply to a specific part of the Takeoff, and aren’t usually applicable to an entire job unless you desire it to be. You definitely would NOT want to set them as a default for all your new jobs. However, you can apply these settings more selectively to the job and still save yourself some time.


Size Setting

By default, IntelliBid will apply the settings you select to all the phases in the job, but you can uncheck the phases you do not want to have these options.  You can select any single phase and set factors and settings for that phase only. For example, if you’re using ½” conduit throughout an entire phase (i.e. Warehouse Area), but using different sizes elsewhere in the job, you can make that selection on that one phase and save yourself the trouble of selecting ½” every time you perform a conduit takeoff in that particular phase.

Material Factor

Any material that you add to the takeoff is multiplied by this factor. For example, if you set the material factor to 1 (the default) and take off 4 material items at $5 each, the total is $20. If you set the material factor to 1.2 and take off the same 4 items, the total becomes $24. Click on the Mat Fact field to display a list of factors from which you can select. The factor you see applies to all materials that you take off until you change it or have selected a specific phase to use this factor.
Note: IntelliBid calculates the Material Factor to four decimal places, although only two places are displayed. If you are checking the math and it seems a bit off, this is probably why.


The Multiplier value in Takeoff Settings multiplies item quantities as they are taken off. This is applied in addition to any multipliers set in the Item Library Maintenance to assembly items. Use this drop down list for the Multiplier or double-click in the box and type in the number of units.

An example of where you might use the multiplier in takeoff is if you are estimating a project with similar units, a condo complex, hotel, etc., where one unit is typical of all the units in the project. You can enter the number of units in the Multiplier Setting and then take off quantities for one unit. IntelliBid will multiply quantities so you have the totals for all units calculated as you take off items.

This tip is covered in the Advanced Takeoff seminar.

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