IntelliBid keeps all of its data in one folder. This includes not only all of your job files and master data, but also any number of backups that have been created over the months and years. Given the enormous size of today’s hard drives, it would typically take a very long time for the growth of the data folder to become an issue. Still, it doesn’t hurt to periodically clean up older files that are no longer needed. In addition, certain temporary files that should be deleted by your operating system can sometimes be left behind. These stray files can interfere with certain functions in the IntelliBid system under rare circumstances.

To help keep your data folder clean, IntelliBid has a Data Cleanup Utility. You can access this utility by going to:

> ConEst IntelliBid > Data Cleanup Utility

The Data Cleanup Utility has two sections:

  1. Stray File Maintenance
    This section is designed to identify and remove any temporary files that your operating system should have deleted. These files can sometimes interfere with a database compaction. If you get a “Database Already Exists” message when compacting your database, try cleaning up stray files.In addition, Stray File Maintenance checks for any erroneous price update files that may have been generated by a failed TRA-SER (price) update. These files can interfere with future price updates and should be deleted, especially if you find that TRA-SER is no longer creating pricing files for IntelliBid.a.) Analyze Stray Files – will show you any existing strays, and offer an explanation of where they came from.

    b.) Cleanup Stray Files – removes them from your data folder.


  2. Backup Maintenance

    Every time you compact or convert your data, IntelliBid creates a backup. A backup is also created every time you open a job. This is an excellent safety feature, but backups have a limited shelf life; there is little need to maintain backups of data from several months or years ago. After a while, these older backups are just taking up hard drive space. This section of the Data Cleanup Utility will let you remove older backups and free up this space. It will also allow you to restore any existing backup, or create a new one.
    a.) Analyze Backups – displays any existing backups, and offers information on when and why they were created.
    b.) Restore a Backup – allows you to select an existing backup and restore it.
    c.) Backup All ConEst Data – does exactly that.
    d.) Cleanup Backups – displays any existing backups along with their creation dates, and lets you delete any or all of them.
    For more information on the Data Cleanup Utility, click the Help button located in the lower right corner of the utility.

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