IntelliBid User Tip #52 : Working with Labor Levels

ConEst IntelliBid has six labor levels. Four of the labor levels are predefined leaving two that are customizable. The four predefined levels are ConEst, Labor 1, Labor 2 and Labor 3. ConEst labor units are derived from years of experience in the field and input from many electrical contractors. Labor 1, Labor 2 and Labor 3 labor units are representative of industry standards. These three levels are referred to as Normal (1), Difficult (2) and Very Difficult (3).
In general, Labor 2 is 25% higher than Labor 1 and Labor 3 is 50% higher than Labor 1. There is no direct relationship between ConEst and the industry standard levels. In some cases the ConEst units are considerably less than industry standard levels, in other cases they are very close, and in a few cases they can actually be slightly higher.
Which labor level should you use? That depends on the type of project and the conditions of that project. Follow this link Understanding Labor Units to an article on our website that will provide you with guidelines to help you determine which labor level is best suited for each of your projects.

For the moment, let’s leave out any reference to factoring, now suppose you find that on average the ConEst Labor Units are a little too low for your company and Labor 1 is too high. You want to be able to have your own labor units somewhere in between. The two remaining labor levels, Unused 5 and Unused 6, are there for just that purpose, and customizing these two levels is easily accomplished within Item Maintenance.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Item Maintenance and click the Labor Level button located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Double-click on Unused 5, and change the name to something that identifies it as your custom labor level,
    ( ie. LABOR+15 ) and click Enter.
  3. Now go to the Copy Labor Level section at the bottom of the screen. We’ll say that we want to increase the ConEst labor units by 15%.
  4. Set it to copy from ( From: ) ConEst
  5. Input a multiplier ( Multiplier ) of 1.15
  6. Select Unused 5, (LABOR+15) or whatever name you gave it. in the to menu ( To: )
  7. Click the Copy button

That’s all it takes. The program will go through the entire database, copy every ConEst labor unit, increase it by 15% and put it in your custom labor column. You could also Reduce a Labor Level. Simply copy from Labor 1 to your Labor Level with a multiplier of 0.8 to reduce the Labor 1 rates by 20% if that gets closer to what you want.


Note: The NECA Labor Rates section adjusts the labor rates according to NECA standards. This section is for users that subscribe to Traser Premeir or Traser SX updates. Also noteworthy, is that ConEst IntelliBid is the ONLY estimating software that has this capability of these updates.

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