When you want to print a report from IntelliBid, what do you do? If you’re like most people, you immediately reach for the printer button on the Top toolbar. After all, this is how most programs print, and clicking this button does give you a report. However, the printer button offers only a fraction of IntelliBid’s reporting power. 

This printer button generates a standard report for whatever screen you happen to be in. For example, if you’re in Takeoff, clicking the printer button gives you the Audit Trail Basic report. If you are in Summary, you get the Item Number report. But there are literally hundreds of other reports that you may not even know about.

Next time you need to print a report, forget about that printer button. Instead, go to the drop down arrow next to the printer icon at the top right corner of each screen. Let’s say we’re in Takeoff and we need to print a report; we click the drop down arrow next to the printer and there we find more than a dozen (12+) different reports! If you only want a list of material with no pricing, run the Audit Trail Basic report. If you want to see lots of detail for each item, run the Takeoff Report. Want to see your assemblies listed on one line rather than showing all the different components? Run the Collapsed Takeoff report. Need Phase totals? Run the Phase Totals report.

Note: You can only run reports for the screen you are currently viewing. If you want to run a Summary report, go to Summary first. Each screen in IntelliBid has several available reports – your Help file and User’s Manual provide a detailed description of each.

What if you want to email a report to a customer? Your first instinct might be to print the report, then run it through your scanner and save it as a PDF file. You can simplify this process and produce a much cleaner PDF by simply Exporting the report rather than printing it. Try this, generate your report, but when the preview appears on the screen, don’t click the Print button. On the top left of the screen simply click the Export to .PDF icon .  You can then email the file right from the .PDF report.

You can also export the report to other applications (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, etc.) by clicking on the drop down arrow for Export Report to Application


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