IntelliBid User Tip: Reading IntelliBid’s Audit Trail

IntelliBid’s Takeoff screen uses different colors in the Audit Trail to help you identify various line items, and flags values that have been adjusted either manually or automatically.  Here are a few examples:

Item types:  The first column on the left side in the Audit Trail shows a color for each line item.

The first column on the left side in the Audit Trail shows a color for each line item

  1. Assembly Titles (begining of an Assembly) show as Red and all the remaining items in the Assembly show as Yellow or Gray.
  2. Yellow items are “By Products” – these are items whose quantity is controlled by the overall quantity of the Assembly.  For example, the number of hangers (Yellow) in a Fixture Assembly is controlled by the length of the conduit run. What this means is, if you change the Quantity number on the Title line (Red), the Assembly is designed to have all the By Products update their quantities to reflect the change on the Title line. This is very helpful if you miscount or need to add or subtract with the assembly.
  3. Gray items are “Single” items. These are items the you take off yourself from the libraries and Catalogs below. These items do not work like the By Products either. If you need to update the quantity, you must do so manually.

So as you can see, displaying the Assembly titles and materials in different colors helps you to visually identify where each Assembly begins and ends, and gives a hint as to how their quantities are calculated.

Comments:  If you see a gray line item in the Audit Trail, that’s a “Comment Line”.  The text is displayed in red.  Comments are added by right-clicking in the Audit Trail and selecting either Insert Comment or Append Comment. Inserting a Comment Line places a gray line above the line that is highlighted in the Audit Trail. You cannot add a Comment Line inside of an Assembly. If you want to insert a Comment Line above an Assembly that has been taken off, highlight the Title Line of the Assembly and Insert the Comment Line above. Simply double-click on the Comment Line and enter your text. “Append Comment” places the Comment Line at the bottom (last line) in the Audit Trail. If you want to identify an Assembly with a Comment Line, you should Right-click and Append a Comment Line before you Take Off the Assembly. Double-click on the Comment Line and add your text.

Double-click on the Comment Line and add your text

Edited values:  Any time you double-click a value and change it, whether it’s a Quantity, a Material Unit, a Labor Unit, or a Factor, that value turns Red.  The same applies if you adjust material or labor factors while copying or cutting and pasting material from one part of the Audit Trail to another, or if you select different factors (section A) when taking off your material. Coloring these values red makes it easier to track all the manual adjustments you have made throughout the takeoff.

Coloring these values red makes it easier to track all the manual adjustments you have made throughout the takeoff

Adjusted values When you take off certain assemblies, you may find that some of your labor factors appear in Blue. This tells you that an Adjustment has been performed on that labor by the IntelliBid program itself. The Adjusted labor factor may be programmed specifically on that item in the assembly, or the assembly may have used Auto Labor Factoring (section A) that was set by you. Coloring these values in Blue helps you distinguish between the values you set manually in the Master Database, and those that IntelliBid adjusted for you.

Note: When you run a report from the Takeoff screen, you have the option of displaying these colors on your report as well.  (This requires a color printer, of course.)  Simply check the option that says Show Color when you run the report.

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