Do you have the need to see your job costs broken down by square foot or by a percentage of the job?

IntelliBid easily displays this information on-screen right from Bid Recap. The Breakdown will give you values based on the Job Total or the Phase Total; it will also let you see the breakdown amounts based on the bid totals or the costs.  This information allows you to create a schedule of values for any type of job.

After you complete the estimate which includes the last Tab called Job Info. (Note: IntelliBid uses the values from
Job Square Foot, Quantity of Units and Job Duration to calculate Percentages in Phase Breakdown.) Finally, verify that the information in Bid Recap includes all direct and indirect costs, then click the Phase Breakdown icon in the Access bar to the left.

The Phase Breakdown grid shows your takeoff phases and the bid amounts in total dollars displayed by Quote, Material, Labor, Equipment, Subcontract and Direct Job Cost (DJC) amounts.

Use the controls above the grid determine how this information is shown:

  1. Display detail values down to Phase Level 2
  2. Show Labor as a dollar amount or number of hours.
  3. Show values as a percentage, by square foot or total dollars.
  4. Comparison Settings shows percentages based on the total job or by phase. (use with Percentage setting)
  5. Show values based on the Bid Total or Cost Total which includes overhead but not profit and job tax.

You will find excellent reports within the Print button for you to keep in the job file for reference. You can also view the information in Graph form using the Graph button. There are several graphs and styles to choose from.


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