IntelliBid’s database comes with over 100,000 material items covering most installation types but, what about an installation that requires an item that’s not in the database?  That’s where Special Items come in.

When you need a specialty item for a job, you can add it as a Special Item to satisfy the job requirements without adding it to your permanent database.  Special Items are taken off directly from the Special Items screen. In the latest version, IntelliBid includes Special Items as a Catalog in each Library so you can access them from any library during takeoff.

To demonstrate how you can take advantage of this feature:

    1. Click on the Special icon in the Access bar in Takeoff.
    2. Select a Header that the item(s) would come under and add as many line items you need for your Special Item(s). For example, highlight the Fixtures header, click the New Special icon to add extra lines.
    3. Now double-click on the description field ‘New Item’ and change the description to Fixture A, Wall Sconce, Imported Hand-Blown Chandelier, whatever best describes the item.
    4. If the Item(s) are Quoted Items then leave the Material price (Mat-Unit) at zero. If you would like to enter a price for the Item(s) at this time, double-click in the Mat-Unit column and enter the price. Do the same for the Labor (Lab-Unit) if you know how long it will take to install the item.

Close the Special Items screen and return to Takeoff.


In the Library window at the bottom of the screen, scroll all the way to the right.  The “Special Items” catalog is always the last catalog listed in the library. Click on “Special Items”.

The Special Items Catalog contains an entry for each Special Items Header.  Click on Fixtures.

The Fixtures Header lists all the items that you added to Special Items. When you click one of the items, the Quantity dialog displays so you can enter quantities.

The Special Items catalog feature lets you add the Special Items and then treat them as any other item in Takeoff as you build your estimate. This feature also makes it possible to select Special Items when you are using the Take Off feature in Count Sheets.


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