Did you know that you can store and update multiple supplier (vendor) prices for each item in your IntelliBid database?Do you know that you can print a comparison report to quickly view the different supplier prices side-by-side?
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Updating your material prices in the IntelliBid database can be completed in a variety of ways including all major price update services – i.e. NetPricer, Trade Service, Epic, Expert Estimator. You can also enter your prices manually or import them from an Excel file or a price file from your supplier(s).

If you have multiple suppliers, IntelliBid generates a Vendor Comparison report that lists all of your suppliers and their respective prices for each item in the bid. You can then let IntelliBid’s Best Buy feature select the vendors with the best/lowest prices on each item to carry your bid.


How to generate a Vendor Comparison report
From the Summary tab, click the dropdown from the printer icon located on the top right corner of the window. Scroll to and select Vendor Comparison
(Fig. 1 – right).

The Vendor Comparison report lists all material in the job and each suppliers’ price for each item in a side-by-side comparison, highlighting the lowest cost material from each supplier in a BOLDED font. See sample
(Fig.2 – below) of the Vendor Comparison report.


Tip 52 will cover IntelliBid’s Best Buy feature and how to generate the Best Buy report.



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