When you start a job in IntelliBid you will notice that every job starts as JOB-0001 and so on sequentially. IntelliBid has a preference setting that you can uncheck and create your own custom numbering scheme and sequence when starting all future jobs.

By turning off “Auto Numbering”, you can then set up a more meaningful ID for your project files. That new name can be based on criteria such as a date, project type, or any other standard that matches your workflow.

First, find the settings for job IDs under Maintenance –> Preferences and select the Numbering tab. You can then uncheck the Job IDs and Change Orders check boxes (see below).


You are now able to (for example) attach a searchable prefix to your project such as SCH for schools, HOSP for hospitals, OFF for commercial office projects, RES for residential, or some other naming convention of your choice. Another example is setting the Job ID Prefix to the current year and then change it every January 1st.


Now when you are in Job Register or when printing out reports your jobs will automatically be sorted by ID alphabetically, and because of your convention, they will be grouped by both project type (SCH, Hosp, OFF, etc) as well as secondarily by date stamp.


This feature will allow you the flexibility to easily put your bid estimate data from past projects together in a usable manner to quickly review similar bids or for quick searching.





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