IntelliBid is a powerful tool to accurately and efficiently perform estimating and bid proposals. But did you know that IntelliBid can also be your window into the job site?

IntelliBid’s JobVue feature can give you a virtual snap-shot of the job site with your pocket digital camera. Gone, are the days of lugging around a bulky Polaroid camera, snapping a picture, waiting a minute or two for it to develop and then only to file it away in a over-stuffed job folder for later use.

Now with JobVue, you can simply snap some pictures of the job site or a walk-through and upload those images to a specific job folder on your hard drive. IntelliBid’s JobVue will let you view the images in perfect detail. You may also upload other file formats such as PDF, TXT, and DOC files to be saved with the job as well.
Note: JobVue is available in IntelliBid Plus and Pro packages or as an Add-on module for IntelliBid Lite.

JobVue can be found in the top Tool Bar in the Jobs and Takeoff sections of IntelliBid.


To access JobVue:

  1. Click the JobVue icon in the top Tool Bar of the Jobs or Takeoff screens.
  2. Use the buttons at the top of the dialog box to add images to the job.
    • Upload – opens a browse window allowing you to navigate to the location on your computer where the images were uploaded from your camera.
    • Browse Image Folder – opens the Image Repository folder of the particular job and allows you to retrieve other job related images and material. Each individual job can have it’s own image folder in Repository for images and documents pertaining to the job.
      (view image below to see where the Repository and Job / Images folders are located on your hard drive)
    • Delete Image – removes the images from the thumb nail viewing window.
    • Refresh – reads the images from the repository folder and redisplays the images.
  3. Double-click an image thumb nail to view a larger size image.
  4. Documents and files of other types are loaded into the white selection box to the right (yellow square) using the Uploadbutton. Double-click on a file name to open and read the file.

IntelliBid’s Repository folder with jobs and associated images folder on the local (C:) drive.
Please note, the Repository folder can also be kept on a local Networked hard drive. See your network administrator for details and location of the folder.



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