IntelliBid includes the “Jump To” option. Right from IntelliBid’s TakeOff or Summary screen you can select a single item or component within an Assembly and change the content of that item in the IntelliBid database on the fly with a right click of your mouse. No need to use Item Maintenance to affect a quick change to an item.


Figure 1 – Takeoff Screen before making changes with “Jump To” option


When in the Summary or Takeoff screens, just right click on any single item or component within an assembly. If your account has access* to Item Maintenance you will see a new option called “Jump To”(Figure 2). If the “Jump To” option is grayed out, please see your system administrator.

Figure 2 – Right click for “Jump To” option


Clicking on that will bring you right to that item within Item Maintenance where you can easily customize any of your item’s parameters. In the example below (Figure 3), a change in vendor pricing has just been received for a supply of 90 Degree Elbows. With the “Jump To” option, it is now easy to make that change in pricing (Figure 4) directly. Jump To your Item Maintenance, make that or any other change, changes effective instantly for anyone else who needs to use that part. Any parameter in Item Maintenance can be changed just as easily.

Figure 3 – Item Maintenance with original pricing


Figure 4 – Item Maintenance with adjusted pricing


When you return to your Takeoff screen just remember to hit the Recalculate button (Figure 5) at the top to make any of your changes instantly visible in your Takeoff window.

Figure 5 – Recalculate button


After the recalculate is complete (Figure 6), your item pricing, as well as all the calculations on your Takeoff screen have been changed to reflect the new information. These changes will also be made immediately available to anyone currently using that item in their bids. Depending on the cost and quantity of the item, a change can have a substantial impact on the overall cost of your project.

Figure 6 – Takeoff Screen after making changes with “Jump To” option


For a video version of this tip demonstrating the use of this new feature click here.

*For more details regarding account access see IntelliBid Tip #8 and Tip #9.



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