Our JobSpec series has shown you numerous ways to streamline the amount of prompting and keystrokes you see during takeoff. In this tip, we wrap up the series by showing you how to disable the Assembly Group Options window entirely to save even more time!

Note: When you first start making some of the changes that we’ve pointed out in previous tips in the series, you’ll want to SEE the results of your settings first-hand during takeoff. This will allow you to double check that they are correct. With that in mind, we suggest that you reserve this final tip until you have verified that your JobSpec settings are doing everthing just as you intended.

Once you see that your JobSpec settings are working, you can save yourself one more step and button click by completely turning OFF the display of the assembly group options prompt.

It’s very easy to turn the Assembly Group Option window off or on as needed.

Just go to Maintenance > Preferences > and select the General Tab
As seen in figure 1 below, you’ll see a check box to toggle the display of the Assembly Groups during takeoff.

Figure 1 - Preferences for Assembly Group Prompting during Takeoff
Figure 1 – Preferences for Assembly Group Prompting during Takeoff

Simply uncheck that box to avoid seeing assembly group options during takeoff. You’ll find yourself going straight to the takeoff prompts to enter your quantities and lengths, knowing that IntelliBid is automatically utilizing the pre-selected Assembly Group Options you’ve setup in JobSpec.

Note: This setting ONLY applies if you have already assigned assembly group options to JobSpec. Otherwise you will still see the assembly group option window during takeoff. To review two methods of setting these options please see our recent tips: “Add Assembly Group Options to JobSpec Directly from Takeoff“, and “Use Job Spec to pre-select Assembly Group options“.

In many medium to large commercial projects, you could easily takeoff hundreds of items and assemblies throughout the various phases of the project. Considering this, ANY reduction in the number keystrokes or decision points could be multiplied MANY times. By taking advantage of IntelliBid’s JobSpec features, you’ll save time, avoid costly errors, and streamline your entire estimating process.




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